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Cedar Creek Galiano aka "Grandpa"

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39 yr old Chestnut Gelding
Foaled: March 29, 1982 by Beamington x Serenity Anna Rose
Height: 16.2 hands
Owner: Mary Brannon of Willowick Morgan Farm

Cedar Creek Galliano or Grandpa as all the kids call him is my most prized possession! He is a two time WORLD CHAMPION 1985 and 1987. There is a huge photo hanging in the barn of our 1987 Victory Pass at the World Championship Morgan Horse Show in Oklahoma City. Much of what you see at the farm he helped pay for with breeding fees and selling his offspring which were in high demand.

Let me give you a little background of how I acquired Grandpa. Grandpa was bred at a farm in Ohio named Cedar Creek Farm. It was a very prominent breeding farm owning some of the best breeding stock in the Morgan industry. I have always loved going to Morgan Sales. It was October 1983 and a sale was being held in Indiana so I decided to go, not with the intention to buy anything, just to go and look and have a good time. Close to the end of the sale this gangly chestnut yearling colt came into the sales arena, he hardly knew how to lead and had the longest legs we had ever seen on a yearling. All my friends I was sitting with started giggling and making jokes about this colt. Most of them decided it was a good time to take a restroom break. Something told me to buy him, so I did. For many months I would receive calls and jokes about my ugly duckling colt I had bought; I just kept telling them you just wait and see.

I let him grow and mature through his 2 year old year. Waiting for his body to catch-up with those long legs. The year 1985 and those long legs had turned him into a 16.2 hand stallion; he had a beautiful flaxen mane and tail. With his size and flashy coloring he could not be missed in the show ring. When I brought him out that year as a 3 yr old he was undefeated showing under saddle at the largest most prestigious Morgan shows in the country with that year culminating as WORLD CHAMPION 3 YR OLD ENGLISH PLEASURE HORSE.

As a 4 yr old I showed him very little as we were concentrating on his breeding career. He continued to win everywhere we went. That year his first offspring where shown and he was World Champion Yearling Gelding.

As a 5 yr we again were WORLD CHAMPIONS which is the photo of our victory pass hanging in the barn next to the office.

With many young horses to show and a new baby boy I sold Galliano; with the stipulation that when they no longer wanted him I would get him back. It was very hard, but it was best for him as he loved being a show horse.

Fast forward to October 2004. The phone rings one night and it is the lady that bought Galliano, she wants to know if I still want him back. I send the first van I can find to Texas to pick him up. It was better than Christmas the day he came back home. He is back home for good!

So when you drive up to the farm and you see a big chestnut horse walking around, or standing in the hall of the barn under the ceiling fan now you know its GRANDPA!!

He will not stand to be locked in one of the paddocks like the other horses; he wants the run of the fenced area around the barns. He does not like to have his stall closed, so we keep his tail board down so he can hang his head out of his stall if he wants to. And his favorite place to drink when he’s out is my coy pond. OH and be sure you bring him some peppermints or he will be highly insulted. Because he is spoiled rotten now!

Cedar Creek Galiano with Willowick Riding Academy students
J.T. Brannon Riding Cedar Creek Galiano at a Horse Show
Willowick Riding Academy students brushing Cedar Creek Galiano (Grandpa). He loves the attention and the kids love him too.
Cedar Creek Galiano taking a victory pass.
Cedar Creek Galiano
A young J.T. riding Cedar Creek Galiano.
During a victory pass I had JT come along for the ride.
Closeup of Cedar Creek Galiano taking a victory pass.
Cedar Creek Galiano
Cedar Creek Galiano's Pedigree
          Sire:  horse pedigree table
      Sire:  Beamington      
          Dam:  horse pedigree table
horse pedigree table   Cedar Creek Galiano          
          DamSire:  horse pedigree  table
      Dam:  Serenity Anna Rose      
          DamDam:  horse pedigree table

Cedar Creek Galiano's Progeny
Willowick Sister Suzie 2005   sired by Cedar Creek Galiano
Willowick Southern Style 2002   sired by Cedar Creek Galiano