Equine Training

Pleasure Driving and Park Harness

Pleasure Driving

pleasure driving Pleasure driving horses are shown at a walk, pleasure trot, and road trot. They should stand quietly. Pleasure driving horses should have proper cadence and balance, quality and presence. They should have the manners and suitability to be a pleasure to drive. Pleasure horses are driven to a 2 wheel pleasure cart. A driving snaffle half check and overcheck or side check bridle is considered proper. One or two bits is acceptable. A running martingale should be used with the harness.

Park Harness

The Park Harness horse has more action and animation and is bolder than the pleasure driving horse. The Park Harness horse is shown at the park walk, park trot, and "show your horse" (a smart trot without excessive speed).The Park harness horse is driven to a 4 wheel fine harness buggy. Similar harness is used to the pleasure driving horse. Classes are offered in both divisions for Jr. Exhibitors, Amateurs, Ladies, Gentlemen.